Friday, November 26, 2010

No Good Black Friday

I had planned on trying to dig into the reasons why someone would stay up all night just to go shopping in those horrible crowds with people who have such little patience. Then I was going to commend those who stay up all night and get their shopping done online. Then go into how I managed to take advantage of some online shopping for myself (and saved my hubby the stress of trying to find something for me). None of this matters anymore because my heart aches right now.

I received a phone call from my mom an hour ago. She told me that my 3-year-old nephew was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. She said that he wasn't himself and that my sister had taken him to the doctor earlier today. They checked him for toxins and whatnot and found nothing wrong with him. Then while on their way to Walmart, he had a seizure. I immediately wanted to jump in my car and head up there but it's a 7.5 hour drive and there's no way I could stay awake for the whole drive. It breaks my heart to not be there.

My mom asked me to call my grandma and I said no problem. She told me that she tried to call my dad at his house and on his cell phone and she couldn't get a hold of him. When I tried, it went straight to voicemail. I think I may have sounded a little more irritated than I should but I told him that I didn't have his house number and that his cell didn't even ring but he needed to call either my mom or sister. I told him that I had little info. I wanted to add that I hope his cell is just dead or something and he didn't shut it off because he's with his girlfriend.

I am hoping that I get some good news pretty soon. I have felt horrible all day. Woke up feeling sick and then got a headache that hasn't fully gone away and has left me in my bed all day long. Only got a couple of naps...maybe 30 or 40 minutes. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report tomorrow and then I'll be able to talk excitedly about my Black Friday shopping.