Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ya Know What Sucks?

Midterms suck! Granted I spent most of my day doing nothing because I still do not feel well but I did a little more reading in prep for my midterm which I just assumed would be multiple choice questions and when I had 1.5 hours before my midterm was due, I logged in and discovered that my midterm consists of 10 essay questions and all have to be at least 400 words. I knew that there was no way in hell I could get 4000 words typed up in just over an hour.


I managed to get ONE question answered and half of another one answered. I submitted the one question and left the other nine blank. I sent an email to my professor explaining that I haven't been online much this week with being sick, the holiday, and then finding out about my nephew (which I just said some family issues) I did not see that the midterm was going to be essays. I asked for some more time and that I had printed out the questions and if I can turn them in, I would appreciate it.

My mom said I should continue to work on them tonight because it would show initiative but I told her that my test would not longer accept answers after 8:59pm and that if she says no then what's the point in spending hours to finish something I cannot submit. I'll get up in the morning, do a couple of questions (if she says yes), hit the gym, and finish so I can play catch up and get back on track.

I hate midterms. I'm just glad that it was only one that I had to worry about today. Granted in 4 weeks I'll be staring down at a midterm and a not looking forward to that! Here's crossing my fingers and hoping that Mr. Procrastination finally leaves me alone and I get my work done. I may just have to start forcing myself to get up whether I want to or not and start at like 7:30am and then be at the library when it opens at 10am and then come home when my hubby leaves for work. Oh man...I can feel more gray hairs adding to my head...oh yeah...and I have to find a dress or something to wear to the Coast Guard Christmas party next Friday...and I so do not feel like I should be in a dress...we'll just have to see what I find around here.