Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Day, Not Another Dollar

I am a certified Zumba Fitness Instructor. I only have my certification in Basic 1. The gym that I work at has 4 (soon to be 5) Basic 1 instructors and 2 Zumba Gold instructors. Our Gold instructors have conflicting schedules so when one cannot make it to their class, the other cannot cover. That is where I come in. Even though I do not have my Gold certification, my gym asked me to cover if I can. Since I do not have the training, I just talked to the two who do and have come up with amazing workouts that everyone enjoys and is escentially Zumba Gold. I have been covering the Gold classes all month for one instructor who had to have ankle surgery.

Now normally I get slightly upset when I have to cancel a class due to no one showing up but today was different. It is because of the snow! It snowed ALL MORNING! When I woke up this morning I could not see the snow because my hubby has installed our new curtains. After he let the dogs out, he came into the bedroom and opened the blinds and told me that it had snowed just a little bit in the night. It was a very light dusting...and by light I mean there were just little spots that you could visibly see that wet, white stuff.

I got up, made some coffee and ate one of my yummy muffins for breakfast. While sitting on the couch and enjoying one of my shows on the DVR I just happened to look up and out the living room window. It looked like a snow globe outside! Big, chunky flakes were falling slowly to the ground. It was beautiful. I don't normally like it to snow around here. I like the snow and think that it is beautiful but I hate that it has to get that cold to snow.

It would shift from big flakes to some snow flurries to barely there snow flurries all morning until about 11:30am. We had a nice white blanket all over the yard and the street! I actually wanted to go outside and build a snowman but wasn't sure when my hubby had last cleared the dogs "land mines" from the yard. It wasn't until tonight that I thought I might have made one on the deck since there was enough snow to make a small one!

Look at that...I started off talking about Zumba (one of my most FAVORITE activities ever) and how no one showed up and that I think it had to do with the snow and the coming holiday but the snow side tracked me! It is not time for me to try and go to bed and get some sleep because I am just exhausted and have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Even though I have my class to teach tomorrow afternoon, I almost wish no one would come but on the other hand I want to stay afterwards for Group Power.

Alright...nighty night!