Monday, November 22, 2010

First Blog

So this is my first blog on here. It is not going to be too long because I feel like my eyes are about to slam shut at any moment. I have just had this reoccuring thought all day long and figured that I need to write it down.

Do you know what the word "procrastination" means? Procrastination is defined as: to put off till another day or time ( I have dealt with procrastination for many years now. It has been getting worse though. I fear that it is going to start to take over. I have an assignment that was due on Sunday and I misread the assignment and told my professor that I would turn it in today...and I haven't even started it. Horrible, right?

It is pretty difficult taking classes online and the fact that I am taking classes through a strictly online school (as in no physical campus located anywhere). I am going to try and use this every day for just random thoughts. I also have a commitment issue...I don't know if this shows when a person creates the account but let's put it this is 11/22/2010 and this is my first blog. I do not remember creating an account! That's how long it has been.

I think if I make an effort to keep this updated then maybe some of my procrastination will go away! Happy Reading!!!