Friday, July 29, 2011

Date Night

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!!  I'm excited.  Last date night we had was on me.  I modern especially since I do not have a job!  I bought dinner and we went to the Harry Potter premiere.  Despite the little tiff we had in our three or four hour wait between dinner and the movie, our date night went great!

Tonight is all on him!  He's taking me out for sushi (YUMMY) and then we're going to see whatever movie I want to go see.  Only problem...I CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO SEE!!!

We live in a little po-dunk town so we do not have much to pick from.  We have already seen Harry Potter and Transformers.  I was not really interested in seeing Captain America in theaters and the last showing of Cars 2 just happens to start 10 minutes before he gets off work so here is what I have to pick from:

Cowboys and Aliens
Friends with Benefits
Horrible Bosses
Smurfs (2D b/c we are not good enough to have 3D movies in this town anymore)

I have read and heard nothing but good things about Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses but have not really heard anything about Cowboys and Aliens or Smurfs.  I think it may come down to a coin toss between Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses.  Now if only I could find that damn quarter I could make a decision now.  I suppose it is hard to have change for someone who very rarely ever carries cash!

So I am now going to post this lovely blog, copy the link to Twitter to see if I can get a reader or two, fix my hair that somehow went from straight last night to half straight/half curly (conundrum) this morning and maybe put on a little make up and, hell, I might even change my clothes into something a little cuter!  I still cannot wear my bra with straps b/c my sunburn from last weekend still hurts too much and man am I peeling like a mo-fo!

Until next time!