Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Is Final!

I have been divorced for two and a half weeks...and just found out YESTERDAY!!!  What the eff right?!?  I got some papers in the mail last week but nowhere did it say anything like "You're divorce is final."  I even recall asking the clerk if once the papers were signed did that mean that the divorce was final.  I don't remember what she said...mainly because it was not a yes or no answer.

I decided to deposit some cash at the bank which is about 15 minutes south of the court house...and it take like an hour or so to get there (damn small towns).  I stopped at the court house on the back into town and paid $7.50 to get a "certified" copy of my divorce.  Ya know what it included?  The exact same nine pages I filed a few weeks ago that I got a copy signed by the judge...but with a red stamp that says it is a certified copy...and that red stamp cost me $5!

I move next weekend and will be able to change my name back to my maiden name on my license and social security card and bank and holy much!  I also got the last of my stuff out of the house last night.  It was pretty difficult mainly because I did not go into the yard to see my dogs.  I did get emotional when I was leaving.  I told my ex that I had a pretty difficult weekend.  As excited as I was about getting my Zumba Toning license, I had unknowingly checked into the same Motel 6 that we had stayed at.  On Monday when we were driving up to have lunch with my mom, we stopped at Cabela's and the last time I had been there was with my ex last summer getting camping gear for our road trip this last fall.

I did not think it would be this difficult to find out that my divorce was final.  It was definitely bitter sweet though.