Thursday, August 18, 2011

Name Change Fiasco!

Getting married is SO easy!  For a man, you simply said your I Do and sign your name to a marriage license.  For a woman, you simply say your I Do, sign your name to a marriage license with your new last name, take the marriage license to the Department of Licensing and get your name changed on your drivers license, head to the Social Security Administration and wait in line to show them your marriage license and your new drivers license and change your name on your social security card and then you have to hit the bank to change your name where they only need your new drivers license.

When you get a is just a pain in the ASS!  You have like a million pages of paper work that you have to fill out and sign your name a dozen times and a few of them need notarized!  As a man, your divorce is final and then you're done!  As a woman, you have to go back and have a certified copy of your divorce papers or a divorce decree (and there is no difference and the idiot that tells you otherwise doesn't know their head from their own ass) and go through it ALL AGAIN!

My drivers license took less than 5 mintues to get!  Granted I thought I was like 10 minutes late from them opening only to find myself there 20 minutes early...and let me tell you what...that is the way to do it!  I was in, got my number, sat down for about 2 minutes and then was called up!  He changed my name, I signed the card, he took my picture and I was out the door!  I got to the Social Security office, got my number and sat down.  The next person was called up and I thought Sweet...only eight people are ahead of me!  Only to realize that out of the five or six windows that they had, two of them were open and there was a room full of people!  Needless to say I decided that I did not have the patience for waiting and I left.

Today I went to another location in my second attempt to get my social security card.  Armed with my certified copy of my divorce, my new drivers license and the knowledge that my mom was in and out of that same office in about 10 minutes, I took the elevator up to the 4th floor of this office building to find about 60 people sitting there and waiting.  One thing I have to hand to the first office I was at had an option of the screen for name change, this second place did not.  I just kind of picked the "Others" category and thought great...25 people in front of me...maybe this won't be so bad.  They call out several "A" numbers (which is what I had) and then start throwing out other numbers that starts with like a "B" and a "Z"...I thought to myself well this is awesome...I now have no idea how many people are ahead of me!  It was my luck that a lot of people decided to NOT wait.  I'm not quite sure how long I was waiting but I managed to make it through!

Finally got it taken care of though!  Just have to hit up the VA but will wait until I get my actual drivers license and SSC before I attempt to change my name with them.  Until next time!