Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Reminds You of Fall

I have a new poll up and ready for votes!  My last poll I got one vote...only one!  I have extended the length of this poll to over a month!  In the midst of this summer heat we find ourselves sometimes thinking of the seasons and Fall is one of my favorite seasons!  So what reminds you of Fall?  The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg...well all the spices used in pumpkin pie remind me of Fall.  The leaves changing colors on the trees from the bright greens to yellows and oranges and reds.  The crisp, slightly damp air that almost makes you feel colder than any winter day.  Oh how I wish to experience all the seasons again!  Living on the Pacific Coast the last three years has limited what type of seasons I get.  I get winters with cold, wet rain and maybe a dusting of snow, springs filled with more chilly rain, summer days that are either cold and wet or sunny and cool and fall usually has an Indian Summer.  I cannot complain too much since I lived in New Orleans for five years before here where the seasons are Hot, Really Hot, Painfully Hot, and Slightly Cool.  Be prepared to comment and tell me what reminds you of fall!  I look forward to seeing some responses!

Until next time!