Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Is Your Song?

Back in February, I wrote about how hearing certain songs can take you back.  Relive old memories of good or bad times.  Remind you of a specific event or person.  This is my favorite song RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!  I posted the video on Facebook, Twitter and Google + yesterday once I figured out what it was called and who it was by.  Now for your viewing pleasure, "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line.

I really love this video.  Well I love the video because I love the song!  I seriously could listen to it on repeat all day long.  I have not found a song like that since the beginning of summer and I first heard "Shinin' On Me" by Jerrod Neimann. have never heard that one either?  Oh now!

Now that you are all caught up...from the first moment I heard "Cruise" I had one specific person in mind.  Even though I have not even laid eyes on him since I first heard this song, he is the one I think of when I hear it.  I get all girly and start day dreaming about just taking off and driving into the middle of nowhere together and just getting away and escaping and just be with each other!

The way I feel when I hear this song is amazing.  I find a smile on my face and I can close my eyes and see his which, of course, makes me smile even bigger.  I really like this guy and I cannot even begin to find the actual words to tell him that.  I do not even  know him that well but I want to.  I want to know him.  I want to spend time with him.  I want to feel his arms around me again.  Once was NOT enough.  It left me wanting more.

It really is an unexpected feeling to be honest.  I have been very firm on the fact that I do not want to be in a relationship yet I find myself yearning for one.  If things work out the way I hope, I should get to see him again soon and you better believe that I am going to relish every moment that I am in his presence!

Until next time!