Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bacon Brownies?!?

 I have been procrastinating...not on purpose or anything...I did not have these pictures on my camera but on my phone.  It was a matter of figuring out how to email them from my phone to my email account and then saving them in a form that I can upload.  So here is the skinny!  Pictured with me in these six pictures is my friend Nick.  Nick is the bus driver for skydive.  Our friendship came about this past winter when his bus needed a jump start every day!  We bonded in those 15 minutes that the jumper cables were attached to the battery and that is when we discovered our mutual love for BACON!!!

I am talking bacon as in breakfast food...made from pork!   Anything bacon related on Facebook, I share with him and vice versa.  I decided to start experimenting!  I decided to make bacon brownies.  We were toying around with different ideas of what we can make that includes bacon.  That is where bacon brownies came from.  I did not want to use just any kind of bacon and I remembered watching Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel.  She made candied bacon to put on top of deviled eggs so I got on the website and found the recipe (which now you can find here).

I did not have time to make the brownies from scratch so I used a box mix that came with a package of frosting.  Now I am a no frosting on my brownie kind of girl but I made an exception for this.  I chopped up half of the bacon and sprinkled it onto the brownie mix once I put it in the pan.  I diced up the rest and mixed it into the frosting.

 Before even trying these brownies I decided that next time I am using bacon not as thick (even though the recipe calls for thick-cut) and let it cook a little longer to get a little more crispy.  I am going to dice up the bacon into a lot smaller pieces and possibly mix it into the batter and I will buy a thing of frosting because I ran out.  These pictures are the first pictures taken of the bacon brownie experience.
The first picture is us toasting away our bacon brownie virginity!  The second picture is our first bite.  The third picture is us contemplating the greatness of the bacon and the brownie.  The fourth picture is us falling in love with the marriage of the bacon brownie.  The fifth picture is a missed attempt at a high five...and that is where the sixth and final picture comes from!