Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School Everyone!

With September literally around the Saturday...that means Labor Day and school least in the Pacific Northwest.  I know most of the country has already started school.  Okay so I am even more excited about this Fall/Back-to-School season because after almost two years I am starting classes again!  I mainly had to start because I was going to be dis-enrolled if I did not register by a specific date but I feel like even though my world is still crashing down around me and I have control of NO aspect of my life, I want to throw myself into my school work and hopefully get my degree finished in the next couple of years.

I had a phone conference with one of my student advisers several weeks ago and decided to update my degree plan.  My original degree plan was BA in Psychology with Concentration in Child Psychology.  My current degree plan is BA in Psychology ( change there).

Now there are a couple of differences.  First is the obvious drop of the concentration.  There is no longer a concentration offered in psychology and I am okay with that to be honest.  Second is that while under my previous plan I had completed my General Requirements and had started on my Core Requirements but the new plan has added a few classes and changed the classes for the Social Science requirements (my Intro to Psych and Intro to Social Psych are now part of my Core classes and no longer satisfy the General).  Third, and MOST important, Statistics was required under my previous plan and is NOT REQUIRED under the current plan!  Hallelujah!!!  The moment that my adviser said that it is not a required class, I had made up my mind to switch to the current plan ASAP!!!

I had, however, already signed up for Statistics so I found my last 16-week course and dropped Stats for my one and only Lit class...English Lit: Beowulf to 18th Century.  I am really excited to start and class starts Monday!  With my knee injury I see my work schedule becoming lighter until it gets better and plan to it into high gear!  As soon as I see my syllabus Monday, I will figure out if I will be enrolling in my next course during my lit class or after.

That is the beauty of a strictly online school.  Classes start the first Monday of every month.  It does not matter if there is a holiday or not.  We do not have your typical semester or trimester like normal schools.  You sign up for classes when you want them and when you do not want to take a class you do not have to.  Now I will have to take a look at the required classes now and figure out my schedule but I am definitely going to continue to take my classes through June.  Keep my school year September through June and have July and August as my summer vacation.  That is what I love about my school.  Depending on how many classes I have left I hope to be done in the next two years.  Fingers crossed...

Now it is 11pm and I am going to try and crash and get a little bit of sleep.  I have to work at 9am but only until Noon and then I have my MRI for my knee tomorrow evening at 5:30pm.  If I cannot find a carpool buddy I might be driving alone and sitting in rush hour traffic by myself.  So good night y'all!

Until next time!