Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Am I Not Surpirsed?

**NEWS FLASH**  I GOT HURT!!!  Shocker, right?  I will pause while you ponder over this statement...and finish laughing AT I do not know exactly HOW I got hurt.  Here is a quick little review of events that occurred on August 12th:

6:30am - Wake up and get ready for CMY5K color run.
7:15am - Dressed in all white, leave house.
7:20am - Stop for a grande Pike drip coffee at Starbucks only to discover five minutes down the road that the lid leaks and I am wearing all white...managed to keep the coffee off of me though!
8:00am - Arrive at Magnuson Park in Seattle for the race.
9:00am - Run starts!  Waves of 150 people are sent every three to five minutes.  There were four waves and I was in the third.
9:20am - (may have been sooner or a little later) ran through the first "Splash Zone" of yellow and had a dude pitch powder right up my nose.
9:40am - Finished with the run and participated in the first color cloud!
10:50am - After wiping down with some baby wipes in the parking lot and changing, I made it home to shower.
11:30am - Registered for Heroes Mud Run 5K/15 obstacles on September 8th here in Snohomish
3:00pm - Start work
7:00pm - Right knee starts to feel sore so I take 800mg of ibuprofen
11:00pm - Tried to swing leg into bed and slightest bend in knee put me in tears and the decision was made to go to the doctor the next day.

Please note that the times are as accurate as I can remember them to be but may vary some (pausing for confused laughter here).  So last Monday I went to the VA clinic.  I called that morning to see if there was anything available that day and the lady said she would fax over a same-day visit request and that the clinic would call me.  When I did not hear anything within the hour, I decided to drive down there.  I mean I had to do some labs anyway so I might as well just go and sit there until I could be seen right?

I pee in a cup and literally sit for less than five minutes and get taken back by a nurse.  She informs me that my request for an appointment was just received (almost two hours after I had originally called).  My doctor was on vacation so I saw the physician's assistant and after I thought he was killing me by moving my knee around, he wrapped it in a couple ace bandages, gave me a Rx for Vicodin, told me to come back for Xrays in the morning and I went home.

Xrays showed breaks or bone fragments floating the PA's thought of a possible torn meniscus really stuck with me.  I called every day for the rest of the week trying to find out what my next step would be but everyone kept telling me that I had to wait for my doctor.

I planted my ass in the clinic on Monday morning and planned on staying there until I got some answers.  I was seen by a nurse because the PA was gone and the only answer I got was that since my doctor had not seen me, she wanted me to continue to see the I could have originally had some sort of answer about the next step last week.

Yesterday I received a phone call saying that a request for physical therapy was put in.  No one mentioned pt to me but since I went through all this once before with my shoulder, I know they want to try pt first to see if it helps with the pain and I am all for it...HOWEVER the EARLIEST I can get an appointment is October 15th...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

A little later I get a phone call from one of the nurses at the VA clinic saying that the PA wants to cancel my appointment for today because he does not think it is necessary.  I said no...I want to be seen and told her about physical therapy being almost two months away and that he mentioned possible MRI and I want to see him so that we can figure out what the next step is so I know and I can inform my boss.

My appointment was productive.  I should hear from Orthopedics by next Wednesday to schedule an appointment for an MRI and they will let me know if it will be with contrast (which it will because you have to have contrast to see a shoulder surgery is helping me understand the steps here) and 48 hours before my MRI I have to get blood drawn to make sure that my kidneys are working properly and will be able to handle the contrast for the MRI.

Unfortunately when I laid down to take a nap this afternoon, I ended up getting sick and just as a natural reaction I bent my knees to throw up and now my knee is KILLING me.  On the plus side, I can now take my pain pills every four hours instead of every six hours.  So now that I am all doped up, I am going to finish watching a movie and then pass out!

Until next time!