Sunday, February 12, 2012

That "Oh Crap" Moment

I bet that title caught your eye huh?! How many of you have had that "Oh Crap" moment? (Seriously...if your hand isn't in the air then you are a total liar because EVERYONE has had those moments.) These moments can be good and bad. Example for bad...I had to drive about an hour south this morning and I got in my car and had a "Oh Crap" moment when I remembered that I needed to stop and get gas because I wouldn't make it to southcenter then back to the U District and then home again.

Besides this morning I had my "Oh Crap" moment Friday night. Well it was a semi-moment and fully came around last night while getting ready for the Brad Paisley concert (which was great btw...and if you ever get a chance to see him...DO IT!). Let me rewind a bit.

Thursday night while eating dinner with my mom and her boyfriend/fiance (whatever you want to call him...I call him d-bag when they're not around), they proceed to tell me that there is this guy I should go out with. To keep said guy's identity from being revealed I cannot go into all the details but let's just say it is one of those situations where I could probably come up with like a dozen reasons WHY IT'S A BAD IDEA!!!

This guy is someone that I met shortly after moving up here this summer. I have never looked at him like THAT before. I have had this conversation with my mom and d-bag countless times and I am constantly saying "HELL TO THE NO!" Mom's always saying how cute the guy is and how he seems really nice and whatever (because she's met him a few times). I just can't seem to get it through her head that it's not a good idea.

I spent some time with this guy Friday may have been the fact that it had been over 26 hours since I had eaten anything...or the two vodka cranberries that I drank that had me telling him about what my mom had said to me....and what I had said in return. He didn't seem to really verbally agree (which I am just now realizing) with me...

That awkward moment when you're both laughing at something or someone and you realize that you may have been flirting unintentionally and the two of you are doing that kind of leaning towards each other while you laugh...

It wasn't until I was about halfway home Friday night that I had my semi "Oh Crap" which I walked into the house...looked at my mom...told her where I had been and who I had hung out with and admitted that I might have been flirting but I wasn't entirely sure...I was still starving after all.

I went to sleep thinking about him...something that I haven't done since I met this guy...I go about my day yesterday...teaching Zumba in the morning...working a few extra hours in the afternoon...while getting ready for the concert, my mom gets home from the store and starts getting ready and it fully smacks me...

That moment when someone has been telling you that you should do something and then you my case I have developed a bit of a crush on this guy...and the guy has one of those laughs that just makes you want to look at the person and say, " wasn't that funny. Just stop laughing...just stop!" While putting on my eyeliner, I get slapped in the face with the realization that I can't get that laugh out of my head...and I think it might be kind of cute...heaven help me!

Until next time!