Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve...Eve

It is the eve before Christmas Eve.  It is just after 8pm and I am in bed.  I am in bed because I have to work tomorrow and then drive down to my dad's house after work for dinner and Christmas with him and his girlfriend.  I do not know his girlfriend hardly at all and apparently she is making a turkey dinner.  So much for having an easy and laid back kind of dinner.  After talking to B, I figured that we would make simple things like having Shmeath (pronounced sh-meh-th) toss little smokies into the crock pot with some barbecue sauce or meat balls...pretty much anything she can toss into the crock pot because my nephews can be pretty rambunctious!

That changed a few days ago when I was informed that she is making a turkey dinner and that I needed to get her a present because she got us something.  Guess what...I did not get her anything last year...nor did I get my mom's husband (yeah that is a new term as of this afternoon...long story and so going to be a post here in the next few days) anything last year...and because they were planning on getting married on December 1st (not 22 days later) that is the only reason he got anything from me this year.

I told Shmeath that I have to work on Christmas Eve...I mean it is on a Monday and I work in the office on Mondays.  I told her that I would not know what time I get off until the schedule comes out and it could be out as early as Friday and as late as Sunday afternoon.  Well it came out this morning and I told her that it says I work until 4:30pm.  I get a reply from her that my dad said that we are eating dinner at 4:30pm so if I am not there by then, Shmeath said that she would save me a plate.

Well is that not just a be F**K YOU or what?!  So not cool!  From what I have been told, we normally close up the office around the same time that the restaurant closes and they are closing at 3pm.  My last flight on the schedule gets back around 2:30pm so I should be closed up shortly after 3pm if all goes well...of course I will not actually leave until I am told I can.  If I can get out around then and there is not too much traffic I just might be able to get down to my dad's house in time.

I just thought that was kind of rude of my dad given that my sisters and I had been talking about having dinner around 5:30pm or 6pm...but then again that was when dinner was going to be easy and simple.  I am so glad that his girlfriend decided to ask if we all wanted turkey for dinner...I know that is what I think of first when I think about Christmas dinner...oh no I do not!  I am actually not a fan of turkey at all really to be honest.  Looks like I will be having a dinner consisting of side dishes.

I have no energy to post about the ridiculousness of the fact that my mom got married today so that will have to wait until tomorrow maybe...write during my lunch...possibly!  Until next time!