Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Have You Had Waxed Lately? Part 2

This is about a week overdue...but I did it! I got my "lady parts" waxed. I still went in with no expectations. I did not expect it to be painless NOR did I expect it to hurt like hell that way I would be...for lack of a better word...surprised. My friend that was supposed to go with me ended up having to work BUT just my luck, my aunt came into town last Sunday and she went with me!

I walked into the salon and had a little bit of a wait. I sat there trying not to syke myself out and tried to just think of it as getting my eyebrows waxed. Yeah right! Like that would really happened.

She calls me back and I get ready and lay up on the table and she comes in. I told her that if she said that there STILL was not enough hair growth then damn it I was going home and getting rid of it! Of course she decides to be a joker and makes a gasping sound when she looks and then said that she was only kidding. I looked her in the face and said, "Not funny!"

It hurt...and it hurt a lot! My mom said that it hurt liked being snapped by a rubber band but as soon as it stung, it was over. SHE LIED!!! With each yank of the strip, I could not breathe. I was holding my breath. Okay so I was not doing it on purpose. It is just one of those times when it hurts so bad that you suck your breath in and hold it before letting it all out...

To top it all off...Mom forgot to mention the effing TWEEZERS! That is right...the sick sadistic waxer lady busted out the tweezers. I swear I was sore for about 4 days after. It really was not as bad as I thought it might be but I definitely had to think twice before making that next appointment and I was very much hesitant but I did it anyway. I am going back and hopefully it does not hurt as bad as the first time. I sent my mom a text after I was done calling her (and I quote) a "dirty lying sack of sh*t whore." Lol! It is a very good thing that I have such a great relationship with my mom that I can say something like that to her and her response is, "Shut up big baby."

Alright, I do have a few other things that I want to write about and post so I am going to end this here and say my farewell. Until next time!