Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Fall

The last week or so has absolutely defined my favorite part of the Fall season.  The leaves on the trees are more red, orange and yellow then they are green.  We have also had fog that has stuck around for either the majority of the day or (like yesterday and today) the fog just did not lift except for maybe 100 or 200 feet.  Lately we have also been experiencing the cooler weather...and have deceptively beautiful but cold days.

I have been waiting for our "Indian Summer".  The last two years I have lived here we have gotten about two weeks in mid- to late October.  Last week, a couple of the days, the fog lifted mid afternoon to blue sky and warm weather.  Only a few of the days though.  Could that have been our slight "Indian Summer"?  I hope not but it probably was.

The cooler temps and the fog just make me feel a little sleepy, like all I want to do is curl up with a fire, next to my man and read a good book.  Maybe with some peppermint hot chocolate or caramel apple cider...or an amazing cup of coffee!

While I really truly miss my job on the line, I have to admit that I will take the pain of wearing heels, dress pants and having to wake up and spend an hour straightening my hair and putting on make up over freezing my ass off in the rain or snow.  Now come summer time, I will definitely be singing a different tune.  Maybe this kind of "promotion" that I have been given will keep me from getting as sick as I did last year.  That was horrible!

Until next time!