Friday, October 4, 2013

Things That Scare Me Sh*tless

Clowns are fucking scary.  I mean anything with a painted on smile is just plain creepy!
I mean HELLO!!!
The person decided that a clown would make for a suitable profession should have been strung up high in the streets!

Eight years ago I was rear-ended by a semi truck...twice.  Every since then I have this fear of being anywhere near semi trucks.  Rush hour traffic sucks the worse!  I have actually been stuck next to a semi and had tears form in my eyes.  I may seriously need to be medicated when I drive.

Now if you were to combine the two, I would freak the fuck out!  However, driving to BF's house on Wednesday night, I drove passed an SUV hauling a trailer and had out of state plates.  I automatically wondered if they were military or something.  As I drive pass them I look in my rear view mirror and I see that the driver and passenger are both wearing this mask!

Scared me half out of my mind!  I wanted to get away from them as fast as I possibly could...ya know...without getting like a reckless driving ticket.  I got off the freeway as soon as I saw the perfect opportunity.  You also better believe that I kept that vehicle in my sight the whole time I was trying to get away!

As soon as I got to my destination, I had some time to kill before BF got home so I started googling if it was against the law to wear a mask while driving.  Apparently it is in some states but not Washington.  I actually couldn't find the answer but my mom's cousin is a cop so I sent her a Facebook message.  Someone can be pulled over and cited if a cop feels that the mask is obstructing their view.

There are also other things that scare the crap out of me...

I will sacrifice YOUR body to get away from a snake!
Spiders can suck it too!
Until next time!