Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wasabi Bay - Mill Creek Food Review

**NOTE:  This review is about the consumption of raw fish.  Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs may increase the risk of food borne related illness.**

Since I moved back home two years ago, my mom and I have tried only a couple of sushi restaurants in the South Everett/Snohomish/Bothell/Mill Creek area.  When it comes to consuming raw fish, you must be very picky.  You want clean dishes, glasses and silverware waiting at the table (if the restaurant has pre-set tables).  While some types of fish have a more fishy TASTE it should not have a fishy SMELL.  There should NEVER be a fishy smell.  This is an indication that the fish is old and bad.  Do not consume and send back immediately.  Sushi chef's are not just chef's specializing in raw fish and California Rolls, they are artists.  That is why the best sushi joints are going to be a little pricey.  Knowing that I am going to spend a decent amount of money, I want a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  Friendly staff is also a must.

Of the few places that we have been to, the only place that has had our very repeated business is Wasabi Bay in Mill Creek, WA.  The first time we went, we were blown away.  Their miso soup is always amazing.  I have said it at least a hundred times but I could and would bathe in that soup!  It is truly the greatest miso soup I have ever tasted and I have had it at sushi restaurants all over the country and I stand by my comment!

We started out with the foods that we knew we liked.  Their Spicy Tuna roll is a must...and if we don't get that one then we usually get the Firehouse roll.  It's basically a churched up Spicy Tuna roll with a bunch of extra spicy stuff and OMG it is amazing!  We would try at least one new roll each time we went and keep either one or two of our usual rolls.

Now a couple of months ago, the restaurant came under new management.  You know how these things can go, right?  Well, while they replaced the sushi chefs and all but two of the wait staff (keeping our two favorite waitresses), this place is BETTER THAN EVER!  We got a free appetizer of this delicious octopus salad.  The chef was explaining textures and tastes and the new changes to their menu.  Their tempura batter is made using spinach juice that they make in house and use it in place of water so it is healthier.  Their sushi rice has a slight pink tint to it because they juice red cabbage.  They have completely revamped their menu.  They have taken away some of the rolls that they used to have but they have been replaced with some truly amazing rolls!

The atmosphere is still warm and comforting and the staff is as friendly as ever.  The place is spacious and with the floor to ceiling windows it is bright and open.  The only down side is that the bathroom is a little bit of a hike.  I have not actually made the trek.

I really wanted to post pictures of their food but I discovered that I have three on my phone and do not want to post random pics from Google because I cannot give the appropriate credit.  I will, however, be going back and soon and will take plenty of pictures!

THE BIGGEST NEWS is that they are now open 7 DAYS A WEEK!!!  We can enjoy great sushi any day that we want!  They used to be closed on Mondays but not anymore.  So if you ever find yourself north of Seattle with a craving for sushi, try Wasabi Bay.  Tell Mina that I sent you!

Until next time!