Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life Is Too Short To Stand Still

I love the fact that I live less than 15 minutes from work.  I know the latest I can leave in the morning and still make it to work about five minutes early...even if I get stuck at the red lights...or have to go a different route because of road closures...which has happened a couple of times and I have had to turn around and go a round-about way to get to work...which took an extra five to ten minutes.

I had a great and busy day today!  I started my morning by having coffee in Seattle with a fellow Zumba instructor friend that I have not seen in over a year...we have talked on Facebook and text messaging but we have not actually seen each other since last February when the dance studio we worked celebrated the one year anniversary.

After catching up, I filled up my tank and headed up to Marysville where I had lunch with another fellow Zumba instructor.  I love hanging out with her!  On my way home, I got stuck in afternoon traffic...assuming it was for shift change at Boeing.

I really do not mind sitting in traffic.  I love to crank up the music and sing.  The part that gives me anxiety is being stuck next to semi trucks.  I cannot breathe.  I cannot think.  I literally move my whole body in the opposite direction of which ever side the truck is coming up on.  My heart feels like it is going to stop when one comes up behind me.

I cannot think of anything worse than being stuck in traffic by semi trucks.  Well I am going to bed...until next time!