Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Have You Had Waxed Lately?

Beware...this post and the next one will not be graphic but if you're uncomfortable talking about any and ALL kinds of waxing then you might not want to continue reading.

My first experience with waxing was getting my eyebrows waxed before my 8th grade dance. I have been getting them waxed every few weeks for about 14 years now (with the exception of the eight weeks I spent in boot camp). I did have a short cooling off period my freshman year of high school when my mom decided that she was going to purchase an at home DIY waxing kit from the local drug store.

She had done a relatively decent job but all it took was that one time she did not realize that she had accidentally gotten wax on my eyelid and ripped the strip back only to take a layer of skin off with it. From that moment on she was not allowed to come within ten feet of me with wax and still is not to this day! I do not believe it would have been such a horrible experience but there was this really cute guy that sat by me in my math class and it was hard enough trying to look cute with this fuzzball of hair I have on my head (because hair straighteners were not really that available at the time and I sucked at trying to do it with my mom's curling iron) but then I had the missing skin on my attractive.

Just when I thought it had gone away and healed, second semester started and that meant swimming for gym. The instant that chlorine water hit my face, I felt my eyelid just on fire! It was all inflamed and I had my mom bring me some cream that I could put on it to try and make it better and it just made me feel even worse...and cuss at her under my breath every time I saw her.

I am very picky when it comes to who I allow to wax my eyebrows (and by the way I have to think very hard before I say the word "eyebrows" because if I do comes out as "eyebrays"...just a fun little fact about me!). I will recommend or discourage places that I have gone to. For example, I went to two different places when I lived in Oregon. The salon where I got my hair cut and colored offered eyebrow waxing and when I went in, she informed me that she was moving. It was a pleasant experience and had she not left then I would have continued to go to her because she was just that awesome that one time. I did not break out and my eyebrows were not red for hours afterwards. But my favorite place to go to was the hair place INSIDE Walmart...of all places right?! They always did a fantastic job and I loved it!

I went there reluctantly though because I had been to several other Walmarts in different parts of the country and tried their waxing services...not so much! I always ask people I know that have lived in the area I am in where they recommend because I hate going in blindly. I went to two different places where my sisters and mom got their nails done and had a terrible experience at each lady even made me bleed...

So now I get down to the nitty gritty. I am going to the Lady A concert on Tuesday night and in my great talent of procrastinating I have waited until the day before to get my pedicure and eyebrows done. That is not the nitty gritty. I have an appointment at 11am to get (as my mom puts it) my "lady parts" waxed. I have never done it which you know by reading the above paragraphs. I am a little nervous and excited at the same time. I am unfortunately going by myself but I am actually kind of okay with that. One of my friends and favorite tanning salon employee wanted to go but has to work but I told her (because she has never done it either) I would go with her when she goes...hopefully she makes her appointment on a Monday since my boss usually asks me to work on Tuesdays when I am not scheduled to.

What have you ever had waxed and how was your experience? My mom got her "lady parts" waxed a couple weeks ago and said it did not hurt nearly as bad as she thought it would and I swore up and down that I would never do it but I changed my mind tonight and made the appointment and now there is no turning back! Please comment and let me know about your experiences!!! I will be posting again tomorrow about the whole experience!

Until Next Time!