Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Hate To See You Go...

I hate to see Summer come to an end.  I only moved up to my mom's house about a month and a half ago but I finally got to feel and experience real summer heat!  I have loved getting to actually feel the heat!  I love the heat BUT I am so not gonna miss bees!  BEES CAN KISS MY ASS!  I work at a small airport and deal mainly in refueling airplanes and helicopters for the flying school.  Part of my job consists of taking fuel samples of the bulk tanks that hold our aviation fuel and jet fuel.  Bees LOVE the sweet smell of fuel.  I was on top of the tank trying to take my last fuel sample and the bees just couldn't stop swarming around me!

I am allergic to bees and all I could think of was getting the damn sample and getting off that tank without falling off!  I checked the weather before I went to work and saw that it was going to be like 74* degrees outside so I threw on my shorts.  Being up on that tank surrounded by bees I started cussing at myself because those damn insects kept trying to fly up my shorts.  Little f**kers!  With the cooling temps, those damn bees will hopefully go the hell away!

Okay so I had a second thing to talk about that I hate to see go but I am starting to see doubles and I am just exhausted!  I also took some Excedrin PM...that may have had something to do with the double vision...maybe...a little bit!

Until next time!