Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Try And Try As I Might...

I was sent this amazingly beautiful picture the other day.  It really is gorgeous!  You can see the rays of sunlight shining through this one hole in the clouds.  It made me think and feel all of these amazing things but every time I tried to actually write down all of these wonderful emotions, it all came out wrong.  Nothing seemed to come out right or sound good.  It all seemed to sound really cliche and that is really the last thing I want my writing to sound like.

When I write, I prefer to write from the heart.  I love to write about the feelings that run the deepest in my heart.  I must admit that I do have my dark days where everything just seems to go wrong.  On the rare occasion that I would allow someone to read my work, it always raised eyebrows and people would grow concerned.  Granted they seem to forget that most of that was written in high school and what teenage girl does not have bouts of depression and I would normally end up writing about suicide...even though the actual thought of hurting myself gives me the willies!  I usually freak out when I cut myself shaving my legs.

Since I cannot seem to actually find anything of any sort of relevance to write about right now, I think I will sign off in my usual fashion!